How Does GymStreak work?

GymStreak is an AI workout planner that is designed to help you build and maintain a healthy life style. We incorporate latest technology and cutting edge exercise science to bring an unparalleled user experience and an unforgettable health and fitness journey.


Consistency is the foundation of our product and our brand. We don’t care about you being the biggest, fastest or the leanest. The core value we stand for is just pure perseverance & the will to keep going no matter what life may throw your way.

Consistency is the foundation upon which the science, training methods and diets are built on. Without addressing the root cause, the entire structure becomes fragile.

GymStreak  focuses on building your consistency from the get go by encouraging, and motivating you to continue with your journey, ever so slightly nudging to give that extra push when it's needed the most.


GymStreak has inbuild automatic progression which adjusts weights, reps, rest time, intensity and even exercises. This is based on scientifically proven principles of progressive overload and periodization.

Your body adapts by getting bigger, stronger or leaner and more efficient in response to the training stimulus in your workouts. If you do not continue making higher demands on your muscles, cardiovascular and central nervous system; improvements to your physical and mental health stagnate, and you end up looking the same a year later despite hitting the working out frequently.

GymStreak automatic progression allows you to consistently improve your fitness without hitting that much dreaded plateau.


GymStreak creates workouts based on your body, previous experience, goal preference and history, allowing the app to create a custom tailored workout plans. Achieve better results with a workout plan that is unique to you, and which also compliments your overall health and wellbeing.

You can find out more about the science of exercise behind GymStreak on our blog:

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Need More Help?

If you are still having issues with cancelling your Gymstreak subscription, would like to request a refund or have any questions, please contact in-app support by shaking your phone while GymStreak is running or emailing Team GymStreak. Please include your first name, last name, and your Gymstreak email within your message.